Quy Cup Espresso Lid Rose


Lid Quy Cup

Technical features:
Food grade silicone No residual flavor

Perfect for all “Espresso” cups.
BPA, BPS and phthalates free

EXTRA Features:
– I am perfect for both hot and cold drinks
– I do not release any odor or taste
– Thermal resistance + 120 ° ~ -20 °
– Also dishwasher safe
– You can use it in the microwave
– 100% Design Italiano

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Soft silicone is the main ingredient of the Quy Cup lid, the ideal friend for the Espresso range cups.

Silicone is not plastic, it derives from silicon and is completely recyclable, just like the food-grade recycled plastic (R-pet) in our cups.

Quy Cup accessories are environmentally friendly and reusable for a long, long time: this means joining us in the fight against disposable and plastic.

Choose the best color match for your cups with Quy Cup lids.

Quy Cup Espresso Lid Rose