Quy Design

From Nature to Nature

QuyDesign is the Italian design brand born in 2012 with the intention of selling and creating design products.

For reaching our purpose we opened different stores all over the country, this way we understood that customers were attracted by everyday products but with a unique design. There was just one little problem: the material all the products were made of was mainly plastic or other not recyclable materials. So we started our mission of reducing the impact of plastic with the planet.

This is how the QuyCup® project is born: high-quality, easy-to-carry and fabulous design cup brought together by an eco-friendly material such as bamboo. Our focus is to combine good design and function in order to offer this unique collection of cups and make the lifestyle easier and more sustainable, but maintaining the personal style of each other.
As a company founded by two Italians proud of their country we strive everyday to reduce our impact on the environment letting everybody know our cups.


Love Life, Love Eco!

The QuyCup® cups are an original design brand and are made of biodegradable bamboo fiber.

There are different colours and patterns to choose from; the grafic design has been created by a famous Italian design studio. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, these cups are very handly thanks to the material they are made of which makes them light, robust and do not alter the taste of drinks thanks to their capacity to do not absorb flavors or smells like plastic.

It is ideal to use to sip cappuccino, coffee, but also tea and herbal infusions; so it’s ideal for cold but also hot drinks.


It is an ecological, biological and biodegradable product, and it is not only safe for the environment, but also for our health.
Anyone who is used to sip cappuccino (during the study, at work…) inside disposable cups distributed by bars while they are outside can decide to reduce the environmental impact generated by their habit by buying a single cup, only once, and using it endlessly!